Except for a modification or renunciation that is written in a contract for expertise or engineering consulting pre-agreed with a client, Navigauconsulting offers its services under certain conditions which are applicable to the signatories upon signature of the contract. These conditions are listed underneath and all our clients can refer to them.

  1. The following conditions apply, except where agreed otherwise, for all services requested verbally or in writing by Navigauconsulting’s client.
  2. The client is the moral or physical person or company or administration that asks for and pays for services from Navigauconsulting. If the clients acts through a representative, he will need to confirm the identity of the moral or physical person who beneficiates from and / or pays for said services.
  3. Navigauconsulting is liable for the service requested by the customer in the fields of competence specified at the conclusion of the offer of services and / or available on the site: www.navigauconsulting.com.
  4. The client is presumed to be well informed of marine, engineering and industrial uses; It will provide Navigauconsulting with all access and information useful for the performance of its services; He can not criticize Navigauconsulting for refusing any services outside his professional competence.
  5. The service is the set of technical acts carried out by Navigauconsulting in order to satisfy the customer; It ends with the delivery to the client of a written or verbal report, accompanied by an invoice of the fees and disbursements related to the ancillary expenses and travel of Navigauconsulting. The VAT, 20%, is always added onto the prices. In the event of an exemption the customer is required to initially provide a proof of exemption.
  6. The customer remains solely responsible for the operation or implementation of the service; Navigauconsulting is not liable for any material, incorporeal or corporeal damage that may result from improper operation or operation of this equipment.
  7. Navigauconsulting remains subject to a simple obligation of means; Its liability will only be incurred in the event of gross negligence in the performance of this obligation.
  8. In this case Navigauconsulting will compensate the customer for the repair of the damages and justified expenses and of which it is legally bound. This indemnity may not exceed five times the amount of the fees charged for its service. Navigauconsulting assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages.
  9. A customer who has verbally defined the nature and extent of the service he is requesting from Navigauconsulting will not be entitled to allege the fault of the customer unless it is the result of the terms of a written report.
  10. The client or Navigauconsulting may terminate the requested service by giving written notice of termination of thirty days without having to produce any justification and without penalty.
  11. Navigauconsulting’s services, whether completed or not, shall be subject to payment of fees and reimbursement of costs on presentation of invoices; Any dispute between the client and Navigauconsulting cannot be used to withhold the payment of the invoice and any legal penalties for delay.
  12. Any claim must be presented to Navigauconsulting, on risk of being foreclosed, in writing and within three months of the date on which the report was issued, or discovery of any fact which the client intends to avail himself of.
  13. Except with the express consent of Navigauconsulting, the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris is solely responsible for hearing disputes arising out of the interpretation or execution of this contract, even in case of multiple defendants, incidents of nationals or foreigners.
  14. Navigauconsulting is insured for its professional civil liability and outsourcing / employment liability with Beazley Solutions Ltd, underwritten by: Beazley Syndicate 2623/623 at Lloyd’s.