Types of activities:

  • Support for a project manager:
  • Cost optimization for all maritime processes (means, capabilities, equipments, …) without suggesting solutions that are less certain or less sturdy;
    • End-to-end responsibility for the analysis of solutions with the means and equipment made available. This allows to request bids from maritime brokers to furnish the means (AHT, Barges, PSV, SURVEY, …), and depending on the results of the analysis propose equipment at the best cost from known manufacturers (chains, anchors, storage, moorings, rigging, …). Project management of the implementation processes (processes are not fixed, they are flexible to your requirements).
    • Three concrete examples: GPMB (in Bordeaux to put a Bay back into shape), LAFARGE/HOLCIM for an inshore anchorage in the Comores (cement carrier of 18 to 22 000DWT), COLAS South Africa for an aggregate loading slip with towed barges 12,000 DWT (high voltage docking system, acquisition of marine resources and transport cost calculations).
  • Technical Support:
  • Optimisation of technical choices with options analysed from the perspective of a small but knowledgeable engineering firm;
  • Calculation of the dimensions of gear and equipment;
  • Advice on the choice of maritime resources (tugs, AHT, PSV, Barges, …);
  • Weigh in on the qualifications by chosen certification bodies (DNV, BV, …);
  • Advice on calculations of maritime transport costs;
  • Taking into account the needs of fishermen (technical aspects and safety).